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Construction of the reverse bear trap

For Dragon*Con 2011, I decided to go big and re-create the reverse bear trap that Shawnee Smith's character, Amanda Young wears for her scene. My boyfriend has this amazing idea to use foam and poster board to make it all. I will try to post as many journal entries of my journey through the making of the reverse bear trap.

My first step: capture as many images frame by frame and put them all in a folder. Next, I am deconstructing the bear trap. I am drawing piece by piece on plain white paper and labeling each part. I am also sub catergorizing. For example, one one sheet of paper, I am going through the process of the upper jaw. I am seeing what attaches to what and how it attaches. I am also taking mental note of measurements, seeing how proportion each object is...

This is all I am doing for now. I will write more as I go along.


The Pro is soon a go!

So, I just had to write about my awesome news. I just got a commission price quote from a company in NC and they fit right into my budget! Now it is just a matter of me saving up a little money! Woo hoo! I know this is going to be a super kick butt costume and I am working out so that makes it all the better! I am feeling super happy and super positive! I was so worried for 2 weeks but I feel like these are the right people for the job! I'd like to do one more costume but I can' think of any other character that is inexpensive.
I might be Cindy from Fables. It's a really cute outfit and its wearable! I think the only pieces I have to make are the belt and maybe the gloves. We will just have to see! Other than that, everything is great.

My Dragoncon costume for 2009 is...

I decided I am going to be an obscure character from a one shot comic.
"The Pro". I am really excited because I wanted to do this last year and ended up with something else. I am also planning on being an obsessed Mary Jane. Wear lots of Spiderman stuff and everytime I see him, just give him the look of love and maybe squeeze him for pics! I can't wait and I am looking to make friends this year!

Costume Update

So It's not going so well. I haven't even finished one part of my costume. The jacket is almost done, The jacket is almost done and the skirt hasn't been made yet. Good thing is that I have all my accessories. Hat,cane,gloves,oh yeah, I have to create my pin again b/c the one I made is way to large. Ahh, I am also thinking of making a little purse to carry around my nerds and pixy stix using the cardboard from wonka bars. It's frustrating to know that I have so many options as far as costuming but I really hope mine will be eye catching and enjoyable to willy wonka, johnny depp and tim burton fans. Regardless, I know that Dragoncon will be lots of fun and it's my birthday. We have a hotel room at the marriott and that's where the walk of fame is.... I am excited about the guests there.Who knew that costuming would be stressful.....

Doing for Depp?

I was wondering if there are any Johnny Depp costumers attending Dragoncon this year? I am gonna be Willy Wonka and I was wondering if there is going to be a get together or what? I spoke to someone on live journal but I lost the e mail... I love love that sexy sexy beast and a few group shots would be great! Pirates welcome although I know there will be tons!!!! Can't wait for the Con!

Costume Update

So, it's been a while since i have worked on my Willy Wonka Costume because i recently got a job so it put me on hold. So far I have all my accessories and the cane. Oh, I still need the purple gloves. The shirt is about 95% complete and the jacket is still in fabric pieces. The bottom has not been made yet. Oh dear, I have a lot of crap to do still and I feel like it will never get complete. I made my little "w" but it is huge! I think I will put that on the top somewhere. I dont know. I am so confused. I have my pocket watch chain that will have a little surprise to it. I cant wait to have it complete and show it off. I think it will be funny walking up to some of the celebs in costume. How embarrassing, in front of james marsters! what will he think? hmm.... It is my birthday weekend and I plan on celebrating it. It's amazing how last year i was depressed b/c it was over. Now here I am making a costume!