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animonita's Journal

Babs Lafayette
31 August 1984
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I love all things art and all things crafty. I love to get my hands on anything and turn it to a work of art. Besides that, I am a super pink loving girly girl who loves Comic Books, Superman, and geeks. Geeks are hot! I have been with one for 2 years and counting... I am an Animator and Graphic Designer. Right now, I feel like puking because I took some Hoodia. Yes, trying to get in shape... I am in love with DragonCon and I am looking to make friends. I have none. I dont drink very often and I have never done any drugs. I am really into using the Secret and wants everyone else to use it as well. I like to eat and eat chocolate. I am currently reading Fables, Twilight series, and Sookie Stackhouse collection as well. I am not a reader, at all. I am learning how to cook but havent made one damn thing yet. I am also learning how to sew and so far has sewn an apron. I consider myself to have a mild form of OCD and obsessive over the color pink. I love sequins, glitter, and gold. Pickles are good too. Especially the one's from wafflehouse... Update,today, sexual, sexy, positive, hot,"happy", prozac,